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Melanie Smith and the Ewing Group were absolutely amazing to work with during the process of purchasing our home. There were many issues that arose with the lenders, closers, and sellers, that Melanie was proactive and dedicated to finding resolutions to. Melanie went above and beyond to help us close on the home that we fell in love with, and made what could have been an extremely stressful situation into a seamless transaction. We were ready to give up on purchasing our home when we learned that the property was located in a FEMA designated flood zone. Melanie was undeterred and immediately went to work with land surveyors, the sellers agent, and FEMA to assign the current LOMA and Base Level Flood Elevation so that the property was able to be taken out of the flood zone certification and have the mandatory flood insurance removed from the home. This allowed us to be able to afford to purchase the home and none of it would have been possible without Melanie.​My wife works out of town and only had a couple days that would work for her to be present at the closing. Without our knowledge, the seller’s closer was going to push back the closing date noting that he could not get seller’s signatures in time. Melanie resolved the problem with the seller’s agent and closer and insured that we were still able to meet our assigned closing date. All of that happened without our knowledge, she solved the problem for us, without causing us any more stress. Melanie is the best real estate agent that I have ever worked with and I will never work with a different agent as long as she works in the industry. I would recommend her to my friends, family, and anyone who wants an agent who will absolutely and always look out for the best interests of her clients.

Renae And Arthur Johns, Brooklyn Park | Buyer